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Everyone wishes that their wedding day could last forever...I mean, you've put in so much time and effort planning literally every...single...thing! And then *poof* it's all over!! That's why it's so important when planning your timeline that you help us preserve those details.  So when you meet with your coordinator to plan your day-of, make sure to plan to take a quick 15 minute break at least an hour before the ceremony so your videographer & photographer can get those amazing shots of your ceremony set up, reception set up, and anything else that you'd like to remember forever! 

Be Intentional with your time...

It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of your wedding day! There's so much to do to make sure everything goes to plan. But don't forget that what makes your wedding day TRULY special is not the only the details, but the PEOPLE who you've chosen to surround yourself with. Remember to be intentional with your time on your day. Schedule in time to pray with your bridesmaids, plan a beautiful brunch to enjoy as everyone's getting ready, or grooms...take your groomsmen to go play golf, or treat them to a hot towel shave at the local barbershop! If you have special gifts, plan time into your schedule to stop and present it personally. Don't let the rush of your day make you miss out on the special moments that create a truly great film! 

Consider doing a first look! 

There are so many great reasons to do a first look. For starters, it means that you'll get some really great shots as a couple when you're both fresh and eager for the day. So much of your wedding day will be spent sharing each other with everyone, friends, bridal party. Having a first look gives you a rare, intimate moment that's shared only with each other. It also means being able to get all of your photos done before the ceremony...which means more time to PARRR-TAAAY!!! 

Practice makes perfect...

Nothing evokes emotion in a film quiet like beautifully spoken words. Let's be honest, it's distracting when you hear a lot of “umms,” and “ahhhs” or stuttering between sentences when someone is talking. That's why we highly recommend you write out the important things you want to say, whether it's your vows, a love letter to your spouse, or even a special prayer and practice reading it out loud several times before the wedding day. Even if you think it'll be easy, trust me...there's nothing that can quite prepare you for the nerves you'll feel on your wedding day! You'll be glad you did!  

Don't forget the groom!

I know we all joke about the groom not being as important as the bride, but hey! it takes two to tango right?!  So when planning where the groom and his buddies are getting ready, be just as intentional with their accommodations as the bride's. Lay out an awesome breakfast spread, have some great music, drinks and cigars are a great touch too! Pro tip: stagger the groom's prep time with the bride's so that he's finished before she's done with hair & makeup.  This way your photo & video teams will have time with both parties and makes him feel just as special as the bride!


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